Big Things Done

Helping people accomplish big things in their lives and organizations

What’s your Big Thing?

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe, we all want and can do something AMAZING with our lives. Big Things Done is a resource to help you build discipline, solve problems, and lead effectively to make our world a better place.

Who is this guy?

Hey there, I’m Andrew Glover. I started Big Things Done because I believe everyone wants to do something BIG with their lives.  I realized, however, that it’s often hard to do big things without a little help and guidance from someone who’s been there. My podcast and blog articles are designed to offer you motivation and pointers to help you on your journey. I also offer a leadership class and coaching that will teach you how to lead and win in the real-world.

The Intro Episode

This episode explains what Big Things Done is and why it exists. I believe we all want to do something big with our lives – every one of us. Losing weight, making money, starting a business, creating a new product, fixing something that’s broken – it can be anything. More importantly, I believe we all CAN DO our big thing! Big Things Done exists to provide you the resources, guidance, and inspiration to accomplish whatever big thing you have in your life.

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