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New to Leadership?

New Manager?

Not sure what to do?

Boost your leadership confidence by learning skills that you can apply to your position immediately. Become a leader who people want to follow and who knows how to get their team to achieve at a high level.

30 Day Leader

Become a successful leader in your first 30 days. The course provides a week-by-week strategy to help you focus on the right things from day one.

Dominate Goals

Leaders get things done. The course will show you how to set goals and motivate your team members to achieve what they are designed to do.

Get Results

Your team has a mission. The course teaches ways to optimize your team’s performance with activities to put these concepts directly into practice.

Learn From the Best

I created this course because I remember how it feels to be a new leader who doesn’t know what to do. I wish I had someone who could show me what I needed to do to be successful instead of wasting my time.

If you are serious about being the best leader for your team, my course will give you the right tools and perspective you need to be effective.  Don’t settle for saying “I’ll just figure it out” and get started making a difference for your team!

– Andrew Glover, Course Creator


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Results-Oriented Leadership Training

You don’t have to struggle to learn what it means to be a leader. This course is designed to give you practical tools to make your team as successful as possible from your first day. Every lecture is derived from military, civilian, and academic leadership positions. This is not a theory course, it’s a guide to help you lead your team to accomplish your goals. Specifically, we discuss how to build credibility, assess your team’s performance, and ultimately be a leader who makes things happen!

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