Big Things Done

Mini Series

What's a mini series?


Sometimes, you just need to dive deep into a topic.

You need to explore it from all angles.

You need to think of it in pieces.

That’s exactly what a mini series does.

Short Episodes

5-7 minutes of content that is easy to consume and reflect on

Focused Content

Narrow focused content in each episode keeps things on point

Full Access

All episodes released simultaneously for learning continuity

Adapting Well

We live in a fast-paced, unpredictable world. When times get crazy, we find ourselves having to adapt our behavior to cope with a changed environment. How do you do that well? How do you lead your team through a tough time like that? 

This 5-episode series gives you the principles to think about when you face a situation where you must adapt and change.

Do it well, here’s how.