My Story

Hey there, I’m Andrew Glover. I believe we all want to do something BIG.  I started this podcast to share my experiences and help you accomplish your goals – whatever they may be. Check out more of my story below.

Real-World Experience

On the

Flight Line

I started my active duty Air Force time as an aircraft maintenance officer for the B-2 Spirit bomber fleet. I led units of 200-300 Airmen that fixed, loaded, and generated the Nation’s most lethal stealth bomber. My units were responsible for keeping B-2’s ready for daily training sorties, combat taskings, and nuclear deterrance. My responsibilities included combining real-time information to deliver daily presentations directly to key decision makers on base, and in response, coordinating the actionable objectives to my Airmen at the operational level to execute the mission. Further, I guided my unit with continual direction, balancing the ultimate vision with tactical decisions in the fast-paced operational environment.

Air Force


In the Air Force Acquisition career field, I led the B-2 Stealth Program, which included developing, implementing, and sustaining the stealth technology on the B-2 bomber fleet. I managed all aspects of this 25 program portfolio and a $35M annual budget. My responsibilities included building and maintaining collaborative partnerships across various departments within the military and among defense contractors. Further, I developed our team’s growth strategy that drove the creation of 5 new programs in record time. As part of this growth strategy, I implemented a new suite of analytical tools to facilitate project management and performance assessment.

In the

Private Sector

Since leaving active duty, I have worked with multiple companies in various facets of strategy and project management. For a defense contractor, I designed new project tracking tools that transformed their management approach and ultimately boosted the value they provided to their customers. For a web development business, I provide the vision and growth strategy. Additionally, I am responsible for managing customer interactions, developing requirements, and implementing web solutions. I also work with a great non-profit organization – Chainbreaker Ride – which raises money for cancer research at the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Research Center. I am the lead student representative driving the recruiting efforts for peloton leaders across the University of Minnesota campus. I developed the strategy to expand the organization’s message and train school representatives to increase participation.

Just for


I enjoy racing in triathlons, cooking, and reading. I don’t think you can ever be outside too much, and skiing, exploring state parks, fishing and backpacking are also a few of my favorite activities.  I’m also a huge fan of the Twin Cities booming craft brewery scene.  I’m always looking to expand my beer experience – what are your favorites where you live?


Reading List

There’s a reason the saying “Readers are Leaders” is cheesy – because it’s true! Here are some of the books I’m reading this year (updated as I read them) that compliment the podcast content:

Extreme Ownership – by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

The Dichotomy of Leadership – by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Pivot – by Jenny Blake

How Champions Think – by Bob Rotella

Deep Work – by Cal Newport

Man Up – Bedros Keuilian